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Spanning many industries and working with clients at the Fortune 500 level, as well as regional businesses or small boutique companies, at CarData we value our client relationships. We believe in providing tailored solutions that fit your business and company culture.  Look below in What Our Clients Are Saying to hear what some satisfied customers say about CarData and CarData Online!

To learn more about CarData’s vehicle reimbursement programs, contact us by phone at 1-866-550-5188 or send an email to info@cardataconsultants.com

What Our Clients Are Saying

At first, we were reluctant to move away from fleet management. We saw it as an integral part of our corporate culture and also thought of it as recruitment leverage. Unfortunately, after one of our vehicles was involved in a DUI it became clear that the program was simply too risky to maintain. CFO, Oil & Gas Business

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Are employees being overpaid and underpaid with the government rate?

...Save Money


Flat Rate Allowance

Are market gas prices number of business miles being considered?

...Improve Accuracy


Company Cars

Is it time to ‘get out of the car business’?

...Manage Risk Better


Fixed & Variable Rates

Recognized as the most cost-effective option by Corporate America, government and associations.

...Be IRS Compliant