About CarData

Experts in vehicle reimbursement solutions, CarData offers the most efficient and user friendly programs through Platinum Service and cloud computing technology. Our objective is to assist corporations in making informed decisions related to vehicle reimbursement options.

Founded in 1999, CarData was conceived with the objective of developing the most efficient, user-friendly vehicle reimbursement program for companies with multiple drivers. With offices in Denver, New York and Toronto, CarData clients range across industries, from Fortune 500 corporations to regional businesses.

In today’s challenging economic times leaner budgets are a reality, causing companies to seek bottom line savings while maintaining operational effectiveness. By implementing a Vehicle Reimbursement Plan with CarData, companies can expect to see savings of 10-30%. CarData’s reimbursement solutions achieve organizational goals, reduce liability, remove administration and generate ongoing annual cost savings.

CarData is backed by leading-edge technology that simplifies the reimbursement process for businesses of all sizes.  Through the use of a proprietary Private Cloud website and the CarData online application, users can expect easier, more accessible mileage entry, faster response times, enhanced security and new product offerings.

For more information, please contact CarData by phone at 1-866-550-5188 or send an email to info@cardataconsultants.com.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"At first, we were reluctant to move away from fleet management. We saw it as an integral part of our corporate culture and also thought of it as recruitment leverage. Unfortunately, after one of our vehicles was involved in a DUI it became clear that the program was simply too risky to maintain. Continue reading “Testimonial – Risk Management” »