60% of company vehicle accidents occur on personal time


By Lyle Adriano May 1, 2018 A new report based on US Bureau of Labor statistics has found that most motor vehicle accidents involving company cars occur during the personal time of employee drivers. Specifically, the report said that 60% of company car accidents happen during an employee’s personal time, […]

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How to Ensure Fair Vehicle Reimbursements for Mobile Employees


Technology can help track fixed and variable driving costs By Stephen Miller, CEBS Apr 3, 2018 Employers often reimburse workers for using their own vehicles to meet with clients, attend professional events, make deliveries or fulfill other duties. Tracking, processing and reimbursing accurately for these costs is not always easy, […]

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Why such high insurance?


By Automotive News Oct 8, 2017   Comments High-mileage driver’s premium in most expensive city* Michigan Most comprehensive no-fault system; 21% of drivers uninsured; personal injury protection has unlimited lifetime medical benefits $4,388, Detroit Florida No-fault state; mandatory $10,000 personal injury protection; 24% of drivers uninsured; highest car-insurance fraud rate in […]

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