Why such high insurance?

Why such high insurance?By Automotive News Oct 8, 2017

 CommentsHigh-mileage driver’s premium in most expensive city*

Most comprehensive no-fault system; 21% of drivers uninsured; personal injury protection has unlimited lifetime medical benefits

$4,388, Detroit

No-fault state; mandatory $10,000 personal injury protection; 24% of drivers uninsured; highest car-insurance fraud rate in U.S.

$4,050, Miami
New Jersey

High accident rates; rising fraud; population density

$3,474, Newark
LouisianaNatural disasters, generous claim settlements; some of the worst-maintained roads in U.S.; ability to sue insurance companies directly; even Geico rates are double that in other states$3,350, New Orleans
New YorkNo-fault state; traffic, population density$3,174, New York

*Assumes a traffic record of 1 speeding ticket, not-at-fault collision and business-use insurance
Source: CarData Consultants Inc.