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Why Choose CarData?

CarData provides highly efficient vehicle reimbursement solutions with the objective of improving client ROIs, minimizing company liability, and allowing a reallocation of employee resources, which would otherwise be subscribed to the performance of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Through the use of industry-leading technologies and a client-focused service mandate, CarData Consultants is able to provide unmatched VRPs that help corporations meet their transportation needs, nationwide.

  1. A mechanism for cost containment
  2. Reduction of company liability
  3. IRS compliance to reimburse with non-taxable dollars
  4. Accurate and defensible driver reimbursement
  5. Tailored reimbursements specific to local driver territories
  6. Daily adjustments reflecting the price of gas
  7. Behavior neutral driving
  8. A cost effective solution

For further information about CarData and vehicle reimbursement plans, please call 1-866-550-5188 or send an email to info@cardataconsultants.com. to learn more.

What Our Clients Are Saying

At first, we were reluctant to move away from fleet management. We saw it as an integral part of our corporate culture and also thought of it as recruitment leverage. Unfortunately, after one of our vehicles was involved in a DUI it became clear that the program was simply too risky to maintain. CFO, Oil & Gas Business

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Are employees being overpaid and underpaid with the government rate?

...Save Money


Flat Rate Allowance

Are market gas prices number of business miles being considered?

...Improve Accuracy


Company Cars

Is it time to ‘get out of the car business’?

...Manage Risk Better


Fixed & Variable Rates

Recognized as the most cost-effective option by Corporate America, government and associations.

...Be IRS Compliant