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In today’s economy fuel prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Employees who drive for business experience these changes and the effects on their wallet each time they fill up at the pump. For this reason it is important that a vehicle reimbursement vendor includes daily gas prices in Drivers’ reimbursements. Failure to do so can result in either over or under compensation of travel related expenses, and in turn, corporate loss or employee distress. Fair and accurate reimbursements are the cornerstone of CarData’s business, and responsiveness to fluctuating expenses is the hallmark of an effective vehicle reimbursement solution.

On a daily basis, CarData tracks fuel prices for more than five hundred cities across the United States and Canada. This information is incorporated into driver reimbursements each month, ensuring that reimbursement accurately covers real life expenses.

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At first, we were reluctant to move away from fleet management. We saw it as an integral part of our corporate culture and also thought of it as recruitment leverage. Unfortunately, after one of our vehicles was involved in a DUI it became clear that the program was simply too risky to maintain. CFO, Oil & Gas Business

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