VRPs That Benefit the Company and the Team​

CarData vehicle reimbursement programs are designed to benefit both the company and its employees. Yes, that really is possible! We’ll show you how to shift expenses from assets with uncontrolled value and liability to non-taxable investments that cut costs and reduce risk.​

Your internal administrative chores become reduced, freeing administration to concentrate on more productive, rewarding responsibilities. Our Platinum Service team implements a simple onboarding process to seamlessly transition to your tailored FAVR strategy and is ready to help when issues arise. Drivers can choose a vehicle that suits their profession and personal life and are fairly compensated. Instead of being forced to navigate a call center to get answers, you have direct access to a dedicated Client Service Associate (CSA) who knows your company and plan.

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Vehicle Reimbursement Program Benefits That Will Actually Benefit Your Organization


IRS Tax Compliant

There are many types of vehicle reimbursement plans; not all are IRS-compliant. CarData understands the regulations that affect your industry and your employees and builds compliance into your plan.​



Cost Savings​

A CarData FAVR program lets you realize cost savings through non-taxable reimbursements and savings on FICA payroll taxes.



Risk Management

Every business has risks. The challenge is making sure that you minimize exposure. We’ll show you how to reduce risk and control liability.



Reduce Administration Time​

From initial FAVR plan design to ongoing daily management, our Platinum Support team will do the heavy lifting, so your HR team can focus on employee and company concerns.



Fair, Flexible and Non-Taxable Plans​

Employees can choose the vehicle they prefer, enjoy timely, accurate, non-taxable reimbursement and IRS-compliance. And reimbursements are based on regional expenses. The company pays only for business miles and business expenses. Fact is, everyone wins!​


“Our company cars were costing us too much and they were getting older. We wanted a plan that was industry competitive and that produced some cost savings. Continue reading “Chief Financial Officer – Resource Industry” »

- Chief Financial Officer, Food Industry

“The vehicle reimbursement program we were using had our people moving in and out of compliance with IRS rules. Continue reading “Vice President Human Resources – Fortune 500 Company” »

- Vice President Human Resources, Technology Industry

“Prior to switching to CarData for our vehicle reimbursement plan, we managed an in-house fleet program. However the practicality of the program began a steady decline not long ago, both in terms of costing and resource allocation. Continue reading “Testimonial – Company Car Fleet” »

- VP Human Resources, Housing Industry

“The online application is simple to use, and our employees love being able to have access through their mobile devices. This technology has made a big difference in terms of compliance. Employee buy-in was almost seamless, which in our industry is worth its weight in gold! Continue reading “Testimonial – Modern Technology” »

- Benefits Director, Beauty Industry

“Placing our vehicle reimbursement program into the hands of CarData was one of the best decisions for our company. The modern technology and easy-to-use system that they offer is second to none. Continue reading “Testimonial – Driver Benefits” »

- Director Purchasing, Chemical Company

Interested in seeing how CarData could transform your vehicle reimbursement program?

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