Cost Savings

When companies move from an existing program to a reimbursement solution with CarData the direct cost savings are 10 – 30%. Exact cost savings will depend on the existing program, and are realized through business use only reimbursement (no longer paying for personal travel), a reduction in FICA due to IRS compliance; reduction in company administration costs and savings from the elimination of ‘driving for dollars’,

The CarData suite of productivity tools improves the efficiency of various time-consuming tasks, we provide automated email alerts and monthly reports designed to reduce the administration for all vehicle reimbursement programs, along with tools for budgeting and workforce planning.  Our administrative tools are designed to provide convenience and save all users valuable time.

CarData’s Productivity Tools assist with the following activities:

  • Reimbursement Reports
  • Tax  Reporting
  • Mileage Band Audit
  • Administration Tools – call for a demonstration

Interested in Improving Your ROI?

CarData recently created a whitepaper entitled Comparing the ROI of Business Vehicle Programs , This white paper reviews the expenses associated with four commonly used business vehicle plans: Fixed & Variable rate, Company Cars, IRS Standard Rate, and Flat Rate Allowances.  This study revealed concerns associated with program control, overall cost, and proper management of a VRP; the result of the study reveals that a hybrid program with a fixed and variable component will maximize ROI.

To learn more about cost controlling measures, how to reveal hidden savings options, make use of available tax advantages, and more, be sure to download Comparing the ROI of Business Vehicle Programs and then contact us by phone at 1-866-550-5188 or email

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"At first, we were reluctant to move away from fleet management. We saw it as an integral part of our corporate culture and also thought of it as recruitment leverage. Unfortunately, after one of our vehicles was involved in a DUI it became clear that the program was simply too risky to maintain. Continue reading “Testimonial – Risk Management” »