Direct Pay to Drivers

Another time-saving, employee-pleasing service from CarData

We’ve streamlined reimbursement by building Direct Pay into our solutions. It’s an automated, accurate and efficient way for reimbursing drivers that also takes yet another time-consuming task off your shoulders. And by separating vehicle reimbursement from payroll, we limit any confusion there might be with compensation.​​

One transfer to CarData covers reimbursement for all drivers. There are no checks to mail, and no threat of check fraud, returned checks, or stop payments. Drivers receive the benefit of ACH/EFT and we handle all the set-up or administration. Plus, adding or updating any information can be done easily in CarData Online or through our Platinum Service team.

The Direct Pay Process

  1. Drivers complete profile within CarData Online​
  2. Payment is calculated for each driver at the 5th of the month​
  3. Client reviews Master Payment Notice showing each driver’s business mileage and monthly reimbursement
  4. The client transfers the total reimbursement to CarData​
  5. CarData cascades payment to each driver’s bank account via electronic transfer (on the client determined value date)

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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