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CarData Consultants Inc. and its subsidiaries (each, a “CarData Company”) are committed to controlling the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information provided by its customers.

Any time you do business with CarData, or with anyone acting as an agent on our behalf, you are protected by the rights and safeguards contained in the CarData Privacy Policy.

“Personal information” is personally identifiable information such as your name, residential address and e-mail address and includes information about your mileage and reimbursement amounts.

Personal information is collected by CarData only when you specifically and knowingly choose to provide it to us such as when you subscribe to a CarData program.

We may also receive personal information from your employer and other third parties provided that such parties confirm to us that they have obtained your consent to the disclosure of your personal information.

Publicly available information, such as a public directory listing of your name, address, telephone number and electronic address, is not considered personal information.

CarData collects and uses your personal information primarily for the purpose of providing you with the products and services you or your employer have requested from us, including electronic funds payment to your account.

Your personal information is used to communicate with you about your account and to provide you with information related to our services.

CarData will only ask for information about you that we need and will only ask for it when we need it. When we ask you for the information, we will explain to you why we need it and what we are going to do with it.

We will seek your prior consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the information as required by applicable privacy legislation. Subject to legal and contractual requirements, you can refuse to consent to our collection, use or disclosure of information about you. You may also withdraw your consent to any further collection, use or disclosure of information about you at any time by giving us reasonable notice. If our intended disclosures or uses of information change, we will notify you accordingly.

Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose without your consent.

CarData will try to ensure that information about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, please inform CarData of any change of name, address or other information. In the event you have questions about the accuracy of factual information we have collected about you, you will have access to that information in order to verify and update it. If we have disclosed inaccurate information about you to a third party, we will be pleased to contact the third party in order to correct the information.

CarData is committed to protecting your privacy. Security measures, such as locked cabinets, restricted access and the use of passwords and encryption have been adopted to protect your personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. Our employees have been trained to respect your privacy at all times and those employees with access to your personal information shall use your personal information strictly in accordance with the CarData Privacy Policy and the laws applicable to each specific business.

If you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by a CarData, or if you simply want to know whether we have any of your personal information on file, you may contact CarData’s Privacy Compliance Officer. Except in limited circumstances, as specifically provided by applicable privacy legislation, CarData can tell you whether they hold personal information about you. They can tell you the source of the information, allow you access to your personal information and find an account of the use that has been made or is being made of the information and the third parties to which it has been disclosed.

Article 1.1 – Mi-Route Mobile Application

The article is specifically applicable to the Mi-Route mobile application.

Using your CarData account credentials you will be able to log into the Mi-Route mobile application. Throughout the setup process the application will display screens and information on enabling location collection and optimizing your device for automatic drive tracking. Mi-Route runs in the background to detect your driving based on movement, and location information. Mi-Route collects this information on a user set schedule. The Mi-Route application will routinely check your schedule to ensure tracking is correctly set to off or on.

What data is collected by Mi-Route?
Mi-Route collects your information to provide vehicle reimbursement services – specifically, Mi-Route is concerned with driven mileage and route logs. Data collected may include:

  • device and operating system information
  • location
  • speed
  • altitude
  • movement type
  • battery level
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Why is this data collected?
Mi-Route uses your data to automatically detect when you are driving and when you are not. Precise location information will be collected if you opt in by both accepting your mobile device’s operating system requirements and enabling tracking through the Mi-Route application “Enable Tracking” button.

Opting out
If you do not want location data collected but do want to record trips within Mi-Route, you can turn off your schedule and manually add trips. If you do not want any information collected by Mi-Route you can simply delete the app.

Access, security, storage, and use
All data collected by Mi-Route is protected under the access, storage, sharing, and use rules of the “CarData Privacy Policy” in which this article is contained.

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