5 Features That Save Drivers Time When it Comes to Vehicle Reimbursement

Working with a modern vehicle reimbursement solution has more benefits than fairer pay and simpler assessment for employers—modern tools such as CarDATA Online give drivers a number of time-saving benefits, making their lives easier and improving their productivity and efficiency. It’s this sort of benefit which makes a major difference in driver morale and effectiveness under newer reimbursement programs. Consider these five features, each adding to a major cumulative total of time saved:

Simple online app

The ease-of-use inherent to a mobile and online solution like Mi-Route (Mobile Interactive Route) minimizes the amount of time necessary for a driver to maintain accurate logs of the various factors considered for fair reimbursement. Where in the past, fairer reimbursement also meant a lengthy logging process, modern vehicle reimbursement solutions handle the vast majority of the effort for drivers. This allows drivers to focus on getting where they need to be when they need to be there, instead of dealing with the hassles of paperwork on their employer’s dime.

Robust database

The robust database available with a smart solution such as CarDATA Online gives drivers quick access to a wealth of information on mileage, expected reimbursement, insurance considerations, and more. By putting all the information necessary to make smart decisions about their driving at a driver’s fingertips, this feature saves valuable time for employer and employee.

Incentive-free reimbursement

It’s simple human nature to maximize the profit of a venture, even if it’s to the detriment of the company. With the behavior neutral reimbursement allowed by  fixed and variable rate plans, or a highly customized reimbursement program factoring in the unique concerns of a given business, drivers have no reason to waste time pondering the best way to keep their costs down and push their reimbursement up—they need only take the optimal route, to get their work completed. This helps the driver save time, and saves the employer from the concerns of “driving for dollars” incentives.

‘Traffic light system’

This unique system saves drivers and managers quite a bit of time, by alerting both groups when a problem has arisen, when additional input is necessary, or, simply confirming that everything is set and ready for driver reimbursement. This simple color-coded system makes sure there’s never any confusion or miscommunication.

Automated email alerts.

CarDATA Online provides drivers with a wealth of helpful email alerts, on a wide variety of subjects related to their driving. These alerts keep drivers and administrators apprised of a number of important matters without requiring either group to spend the time necessary to track down the information on their own. Available alerts include:

  • Mileage entry reminder
  • Manager mileage approval notice
  • Driver Traffic Light updates
  • Pay process reminders for administrators
  • Insurance document reminders
  • Driver license document reminders
  • Login and password resets
  • And more

Administrators don’t need to hound drivers for updates, and drivers don’t need to spend time keeping their administrators appraised of important information.

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