Advantages of a Cloud-Based Vehicle Reimbursement Platform

When investigating vehicle reimbursement options, you’ll find there’s a lot of nuance to take in. There are certain aspects that have a clear, well-documented history of superiority, such as fixed-and-variable rate reimbursement, but others may leave you scratching your head. Today, we will explore one particular consideration when investigating platforms: Cloud-based vehicle reimbursement vs. traditional systems.

Cloud-based systems have seen a major rise in popularity across all industries, but understanding the benefits they might offer, and whether those benefits apply to your business in particular, can be a daunting task. Concerns about security, control over implementation, and myriad other details have many business leaders unsure of whether to move forward into this new paradigm. Fortunately, we have all the answers you need to the question, “Why the cloud?”

Five Cloud Advantages

Never Outdated. By utilizing a cloud-based vehicle reimbursement program, you can be certain that your software is never outdated, that the data being utilized is always the latest and most useful, and that bugs and glitches and other problems have been worked out. Of course, this also means all of the administration and staffing issues associated with keeping your software solutions up-to-date vanish, as they’re now the responsibility of your cloud program provider’s staff. With the intricacies involved in making vehicle reimbursement programs profitable, you can’t afford to fall behind, and with a cloud solution, you won’t.

Faster Response to Problems. Because a cloud-based program resides at a hosting facility, and because others use the facility for their applications, there’s a certain weight to any given problem that ensures speedy resolution. Furthermore, the nature of the business means that the technicians working on resolving issues aren’t general-purpose IT guys, but specialists who work with at the hosting facility and know its intricacies all day every, day—something sure to make them faster at chasing down and fixing problems in that same software.

Highly Mobile. The sheer mobility of a Software-as-a-Service cloud-based vehicle reimbursement plan cannot be understated. Countless devices can connect in to the remote servers hosting the solution, even if the individual devices couldn’t on their own run such software satisfactorily. This opens up numerous doors for any company looking to mobilize and increase efficiency through software solutions.

Scalability. The same traits which make a cloud-based solution highly mobile make them highly scalable—if you need to expand operations, a cloud-based solution can handle the change without a single bump or hiccup. Compare that to the expense, integration problems, and general nuisance associated with scaling up other vehicle reimbursement platforms. The simplicity of scaling up means that growth doesn’t carry anywhere near as much risk when you use a cloud solution.

Security. Cloud solutions make some businesses nervous about security, but they’re in fact highly secure—in many cases, more secure than a local solution. The very concerns that business owners hold give providers of these services incentive to invest in the latest and greatest in security measures. With your data and the data of your drivers locked behind certified, regularly audited encryption solutions, there’s little to no chance of the types of data leaks all businesses dread. By utilizing a SaaS solution for your vehicle reimbursement, you benefit from the simple fact that the provider MUST offer the best security solutions available, or else be out of business.

More Questions?

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