When CarData growth demanded they move to a larger space, the move team conducted a survey. The results were more space, windows, parking and close to food. Wellness was not top of mind; however, the move team decided to incorporate it into the project anyway.  Offering a larger, more open and brighter space CarData was on their way to a more ergonomically friendly work environment.

What is in CarData’s Wellness program:

  • Height Adjustable Desks – with a one finger activation all desks are designed to raise so that employees can stand. Interestingly employees also lower the desks. Great desks since we all know the phrase ‘sitting is the new smoking’.
  • Fitbits – when they start at CarData all employees are given Fitbits. To go along with the step-counter CarData gives time to get out of the office and go for a walk.
  • Yoga Room – the yoga room is a quiet room, equipped with weights and space to swing your arms and legs.
  • Massage Therapy – once a month a fitness masseuse comes to CarData offices, what a relaxing day at the office.
  • Dogs in the Office – they don’t keep regular hours, but the dogs liven the office energy.
  • Health Benefit Package – dental and medical that includes holistic and alternative therapies.
  • Composting and recycle plans – a team effort by all staff daily and led by an internal eco-CSA.
  • Fuel – healthy snacks, (and sugar snacks) and drinks provided in the company kitchen.

CarData sees the value on many levels in creating a space conducive to health.  Wellness programs offer a positive healthy work environment, and create fresh minds which result in better driver conversations and more productive days.  We believe our Platinum Service is a direct product of our wellness program, and we aim to keep it that way.

“Wellness is a keeper.” claims CarData’s President John Domsy. “It brings people together as a team, and makes the office more energetic.”

About CarData: CarData provides precision vehicle reimbursement programs for the modern, mobile workforce. CarData services save money, reduce risk, and make it easier for drivers. CarData programs are compliant with the IRS and the CRA.

Final Thoughts
If you’d like to learn more about how reimbursement solutions can benefit your business be sure to check out the CarData Learning Center. It has everything you need to make the best transportation choices possible for your organization’s bottom line and ability to reach your corporate goals.