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Our Cloud-Based Vehicle Reimbursement Program

BODY:   Built on the cloud from the beginning, CarData is a true innovator when it comes to vehicle reimbursement solutions. Our CarData Online platform was designed using leading-edge technology, and includes many convenient features, such as our secure mobile application and our third generation, cloud-based web portal.

In 2001, CarData made a strategic decision to deliver all of its services as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This has allowed us to deliver all of our products and services in one central location, make ongoing improvements to our technologies and increase scalability. Our secure cloud computing technology puts control in the hands of the user, offering real time, accurate information that can be used to make key business decisions.

The transparency of the CarData Online platform makes it simple for businesses and their employees to accurately track and monitor all aspects of their VRP. Here’s how:

Benefits for Businesses

CarData Online offers excellent flexibility for businesses and allows for a wide range of calculations to suit your unique vehicle reimbursement program design. Our built-in Business Intelligence tools can put together “what if” scenarios in moments, so you can explore your options and plan for the future.

Our mobile mileage entry features allows your employees to enter their mileage accurately using their smartphone, eliminating the expenses that come with purchasing specialized hardware. All data entered feeds directly into CarData Online so businesses get a real time picture of driver behaviour. Via CarData’s mobile application, managers can also quickly review and approve mileage entries remotely.

Benefits for Drivers

One of the excellent advantages our platform offers for drivers is the ability to enter odometer readings and business mileage remotely. Using a laptop, desktop, smartphone or other mobile device, drivers can record their mileage, view their monthly mileage entered, and get in touch with CarData for assistance if required.

In addition to our innovative cloud-based platform, CarData always offers clients Platinum service. Drivers, administrators and managers will all benefit from the assistance of a dedicated Client Services Associate who will offer same day response facilitated by our online platform.

For more information about CarData Online, contact us at 1-866-550-5188 or email