How environmental issues can impact the reimbursement industry

In a world where environmental issues and business matters are becoming increasingly intertwined, it’s essential for all industries to consider how they might be impacted by a demand for greener corporate initiatives. In fact, the ways in which environmental issues can impact the reimbursement industry can already be seen.

The Virtual Office

As more workers are allowed to telecommute, and face-to-face client meetings are being eschewed in favor of virtual or Skype meetings, it reduces the need for fulltime, corporate fleet management. This means that rather than using company cars, some businesses are turning to vehicle reimbursement plans as a more efficient solution for their mobile employees.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

The use of hybrid or electric vehicles is another environmentally positive advancement that will likely be felt throughout the reimbursement industry. When drivers opt for, or already own these types of vehicles, corporations will see a reduction in the amount of money that has to be reimbursed for fuel usage. Certain companies even have initiatives in place that reward employees who choose more environmentally friendly vehicles. Google, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Integrated Archive Systems (IAS), Clif Bar & Co., among others have long-since instituted incentives for employees who opt for more environmentally friendly vehicles.

In the context of reimbursements, rather than switching an entire fleet of vehicles over to more efficient options, as would happen with fleet management, they can more easily apply such green initiatives when employees provide their own vehicles.

Energy Conservation, Waste Reduction and Emissions Mitigation

As corporations seek to reduce their respective carbon footprints, it is not uncommon for all eyes to turn toward their mobile workforce for ways to cut back on energy usage. This is most certainly an area where vehicle reimbursement can play a role. By implementing reimbursement programs that encourage behavior neutral driving, the concept of driving for dollars is eliminated and there may be more strategic thought prior to sales professionals and other workers setting off on lengthy driving trips.

Additionally, the fact that most sound reimbursement programs offer direct pay can also assist in the reduction of corporate paper waste. Everything is done via computer, with no need for printouts. Drivers can enter mileage and expenses via computers and mobile devices and the reimbursement amount is deposited directly into the driver’s account, thereby removing any need to cut a physical check.

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