How mobile technology has improved reimbursement programs

A considerable amount of time has passed since the days when mobile devices were used only for making phone calls. The technology supporting smart phones and tablet computers has taken what was once a simple communication device and transformed it into a mobile workspace; thereby allowing many workers to break away from their desks. This workspace freedom is now something that is considered incredibly valuable by workers of all generations. This is a fact which is evidenced by the proliferation of these mobile devices. In fact, it might be said that mobile technology has even improved reimbursement programs.

Employees and employers alike can now complete nearly every imaginable task on the go –from writing reports, to conducting client meetings and more. In accordance with this move away from the day-to-day at the desk, it’s essential that vehicle reimbursement technology follows the workers wherever they are, and it has.

Improved Employee Productivity

The promotion of continued productivity requires that there be accessible technology in place which allows workers to more easily submit their mobile data. This move to mobile inputs via cloud-based systems has put an end to the days of employees having to sit down and complete forms or spreadsheets. Instead, your mobile workforce can now record mileage and odometer readings on the go, and in real-time.  This leads to more accurate reimbursements.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Making the switch to mobile mileage entry will be a virtually painless, extremely low-cost experience. This is because most modern workers already own smartphones or tablets. What this means is that there is no need for employers to purchase any hardware in order to make this shift.

Decreased Waste

Companies that have decided to employ green initiatives will find the move to both a VRP and mobile technology to be advantageous. No longer will there be a need to print out spreadsheets or forms. The need for scraps of paper with mileage notes and readings will also be eliminated when everything can be noted and submitted via mobile technology.

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