Understanding Vehicle Lifecycle Parameters

An essential component in the production of precise reimbursement amounts is the data used to fuel a vehicle reimbursement plan provider’s databases.  These databases are used to ensure the accuracy of the program for purposes of corporate audits and for the successful management of expenses. Within each database there are pertinent parameters (such as vehicle lifecycle parameters) which are used to calculate a driver’s reimbursement. These parameters include the following:

  • Vehicle Lifecycle Parameters
  • Insurance and Licensing Parameters
  • Vehicle Operating Parameters
  • Regional Parameters

To help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of all that goes in to calculating a reimbursement, let’s take a closer looks at one of the parameters.

Vehicle Lifecycle Parameters

There are five components that make up vehicle lifecycle parameters.

Vehicle Capital Cost Options
This is the amount that is paid for the vehicle.

Vehicle Retention and Resale Value Options
This is a look at how quickly (or slowly) a vehicle depreciates.

Mileage Bands
The vehicle mileage band specifies the vehicle’s future resale value. Naturally, vehicles with lower mileage will be worth more than those with higher mileage.

Finance Costs and Taxes
The vehicle’s basic monthly financing costs, whether a lease of bank loan.

Location –city, state, zip code
With costs differing by state, region and city, these differences need to be precisely measured in order to fairly reflect a driver’s actual expenses.

Why A Vehicle’s Lifecycle is an Important Factor

A vehicle’s lifecycle plays an important factor in the determination of the reimbursement amount. This is because it acts as a measurement of the vehicle’s overall worth over time. With the lifecycle figured into the reimbursement amount individual drivers be more fairly compensated than if these parameters were not considered.

The CarData vehicle reimbursement plans are among the most accurate reimbursement programs to date. Based upon four essential parameters the precise calculations and customized allowances help save money by reducing and eliminating the disparity between actual and theoretical expenses. If you are interested in acquiring additional information about vehicle life cycle parameters or any other factors used to determine reimbursement amounts, please visit our learning center at https://stage5.cardataconsultants.com/our-solutions/vehicle-reimbursement-program-management/, contact CarData by phone at 1-866-550-5188 or via email to info@cardataconsultants.com.