Flat Rate Allowance Seems Fair…But it’s Not​

It’s easy to pay a predetermined amount each month to employees who drive their personal vehicles on company business. Unfortunately, a flat rate vehicle reimbursement program doesn’t factor in variable costs. And it doesn’t acknowledge human nature. Customer relationships can suffer when an employee believes the flat rate does not cover their vehicle costs. CarData VRPs calculate the real costs and build in flexibility that makes the program fair to employees and valuable to the business.​

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VRP vs. Flat Rate, Head-to-Head​

Let’s break the essential points down​.


Taxes & Taxes

  • A flat rate allowance is all taxable money because it doesn’t qualify for non-taxable status. Provide a fuel card, and the IRS/CRA says the personal gas should be taxable too.​
  • Vehicle reimbursement programs substantiate business travel and are recognized by the IRS as non-taxable strategies reflecting business expenses for the company and employees.

Flexibility & Fairness

  • Flat rate allowance doesn’t account for changing gas prices, regional insurance rates, and state and local taxes.​
  • A VRP from CarData adjusts for all costs and is even customized to driver territories.

What’s Best for Business

  • Flat rate allowance doesn’t acknowledge the difference in costs for a driver who travels 500 miles and one who travels 3,000 miles; under- and over-compensation are implicit.​
  • A VRP reimburses real business mileage, fosters driver-neutral behavior and eliminates risks associated with fuel cards.

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